Watch your dog - Do you keep an eye on your dog’s behaviour?

Posted by Admin on Fri, Jul 15th 2016, 15:39

Something is bound to happen regarding dog attacks on humans and all responsible dog owners must know that some tough official action is surely going to be the inevitable result. The number of attacks is quite staggering. There have been about 100,000 attacks in the past 12 years and most of these happened in the home where the dog was kept.
This suggests that owners must be much more vigilant and start to take much more responsibility for their dogs, especially when the dog is near a child or an adult stranger.

Being watchful and ready to intervene at the slightest sign of trouble might sound time-consuming and possibly not very feasible.But when we take on the responsibility of dog ownership we are taking on much more than just giving our dog shelter and food. We must also take it upon ourselves to ensure that the dog is properly socialised and not a danger to people. If we don’t do this then we have no right to grumble if and when draconion rules and regulations are introduced to try to curtail dog attacks.

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